Damages caused and/for might be caused by cheap and inferior  transportation articles easily waste the investments, made in the modern  industries for product quality. For the industrial suppliers until the delivery of  their products to the target industry and for industries that supply the end  consumer between the times they receive these supplines andthey deliver  their final products to the consumer and even until they assemble those  products at the place of usage,  it becomes vital that the materials to be  used in the transportation, storing, protection and shipping are  manufactured, preferred and obtained consciously and sensitively. Solely  because of unconscious preferences, the products suffer damage from  many factors such as moisture, humidity, presses, strikes, forcings, liquids  that many arise on the floor. Fort his reason, our company is capable of  manufacturing pallets in dimensions, shapes and characteristicsthat fit the  products and productions of the companies which it supplies, and can  develop proposals and designs by investigating in place and by considering  the solutions found the global market for possible problems. 
The important point about the transportation and protection of the  large size fruits and vegetables is that these products, because of their size  and weight, should be contained in crates made of strong woods supported  against every possible stroke, forcing and stretch. In Yaren enterprise, every  such crate is tested twice and the endurance of which are approved are  prepared for delivery. Especially for the thin skin fruits, damages do, both  during storing and shipping, cause  the whole party to rot or turn sour. Not  only the exporters but also the transporters within the country should be  aware of the factors like faults on wood, nail, stapling, wrong assembly and  circumstances like breaking-up because of weekness, that are the reason of  inferior manufacturing. For all these nagative matters, the crates that will  contain fresh fruits and vegetables are checked for quality and those that are  possbily risky are eliminated. However, besides these kinds of quality  questions, because of the fact that these crates reach the end consumer  together with the fruits and vegetables they contain, it becames impotant that  they look smart and beautiful. Especially in cases where the name of the  company is important and where a brand name is to be promoted, because  all type of packaging as much as the products subject to exportation or sale  strengthens the marketing power, a new and wide spread sector has been  arisen on the global markets. Aware of this fact, our company has provided  its customers competitive advantage in the 1990s with its application  of  printing being the first in its region and has become the leader in the change  of the vision on exportation and global competition. Yaren enterprises are,  with their  developed printing technics, appling printing, for advertisements or   promotion, on all sizes of wooden packaging materials without affecting the  delivery date.