Our enterprise, from its start up in 1956, has developed its production processes by attaching importance to the production technics and  to the quality standards in the those production technics. The technological advances were applied in such a manner that they do not affect the  costs and thus the prices. In the end manufacturing on global standard at global prices has been achieved. Beginning with the rough raw  materials until the assembly and printing of the end manufacture, even the most sensitive processes of creating a wooden packaging material  is necessary for the products it will contain to reach the end consumer without damage .Together with the ISO 9001:2000 Documentation,  completed within the year of 2003, this vision is the base of new advances for the future. 
International Plant Protection Convention (ISPM15) signed about the wood  packaging materials has introduced certain rules in order to prevent the  transportation and spreading of living pest (insects, fungi bacterias, viruses and  other pathogenes) together with their packaging materials in circulation overseas  or within its country . Wooden packaging materials that do not bear the IPPC  mark are to be rejected on the borders of, anda re not to be allowed for circulation  within the member countries. IPPC mark can only be used by companies that  own plants capable of meeting the ISPM 15 rules and that are authorized by the  relevant govermantal bodies.  Yaren Orman Ürünleri meets the ISPM 15 rules with the heat  treatment method. In this system, the wooden packaging materials such as  pallets and crates located in the drying kilns are rised up to the ISPM standards  with the temperature created by the steam boiler and controlled by the computer  system. According to the ISPM, in order to reach the standard with this heat  treatment method, the wooden materials should be waited in the kiln for 30  minutes of minimum 56oC and under a control system consisting of 13 different  controlling points. With its self-consciousness deriving from its past of nearly 50  years, Yaren Orman Ürünleri has started up this new –and progressive  –technology Heat Treatment Plant in the second half on the year 2004, in order to  help the exporters and the producers in their efforts to meet the hardening  standards and to continue their compititiveness in the global markets during the  adaptation process to the EU membership. 
Manufacture of door panel ready door peteniğini and used within the  framework of the paper material. Production of one piece of the finger-joint and  seamless infers to be divided.                                            Seamless door sereni:                                            %12-14 humidity rate with spruce tree production 35-60 mm measuring machine  profile prepared drafts anda ver 5 mm air circulation channel driven market profile  brought into various lengths.                                       Finger joint door sereni:                                                                  %12-14 humidity rate with spruce tree add to the drafts prepared by the method of  end to end zones cleared in tainted are combined. For the second time by pasting  into one piece of finished parts but is brougt on the market by giving the machine  the profile.